2017-2018 Trips

This-winter's ski trips, as well as next-summer's non-skiing vacation trips, are available for signups on our Trips Page. Although many trips have already taken place and others are full (or nearly so), consider getting on the waiting list. Many trips will suffer some cancellations, and sending in a deposit now (which we won't cash until we can confirm you on the trip, and you reconfirm that you still want to go) may ultimately get you on a trip. Sign up for the trip online and send the trip leader a deposit check to hold onto, so we can work quickly to confirm you on the trip if an opening occurs.

Club Meeting - 7pm Tuesday, March 13

Our next membership meeting will be on Tuesday, March 13, 7:00 pm in Fort Myer's Patton Hall (same location as always; the building formerly known as the Officers Club). Our complimentary St. Patrick's Day menu will feature corned beef & cabbage, roasted red potatoes, mixed vegetables, and cookies with green (of course) sprinkles! Wear a bit of the green and perhaps you'll be lucky in the Ski Lotto!

Note - no meeting is scheduled in February.


New members are always welcome at our meetings!

Wild Apricot Logo

New Online Membership Process

Effective October 2017, the club has moved to an online membership management system called Wild Apricot, a top-rated software program that is used by more than 20,000 organizations and clubs. This software will allow for improved efficiency in a number of ways.

We are taking a phased approach, with membership management being the initial phase. Members can self-manage their membership profile. The Wild Apricot membership profile will have new data fields to store many of the data elements used in trip sign-ups. Members will have the option to use a credit card to pay for their memberships and renewals, so this will reduce the number of checks processed by the club. Future phases are anticipated to be using Wild Apricot as our website host and ultimately to use it for trip sign-ups.

To join the club or renew your membership, click on this link (or on the logo above) to go to our Wild Apricot membership page (will open in a new browser window). Then return to the Trips Page on our legacy website (where you are now) if you're ready to sign up for a trip.

Fort Myer Visitor Access

When coming to Ft. Myer for club meetings, base security and access has become quite onerous for many of our members. If you have an active duty or retired military ID, or a DoD-issued Common Access Card (CAC) (and possibly several other types of government-issued ID), you should be able to enter the base without screening, but other visitors will likely need to complete an access application and be vetted through their security system before gaining entry. This can be a time-consuming process. We suggest that you arrive at the base as early as you can. Fewer people are likely to be ahead of you, and you'll have a better chance of getting through the process and arriving at the meeting when it begins.

To help speed the process, we suggest that you complete Sections I-IV of the Fort Myer Visitor Pass Application form and bring it with you. After passing the vetting process, they'll keep the form and give you a 96-hour access pass. During that time (give them at least until noon the next day), you may return to the base's Visitor Control Center (VCC - located in with the fire house, around the right side), during normal business hours (8:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri and (new) 9:00am-3:00pm Sat), and request a longer-term Automated Installation Entry (AIE) Pass:

  • Without sponsorship (Section V of the form), you will probably be able to get an AIE Pass good for 60 days.
  • With sponsorship by the PSC, you may be able to get an AIE Pass good for as long as a year. Current club members may send an email to club president Dave Olsen (dolsen[at] to request sponsorship. After confirming that your membership is current, Dave will email or fax you a copy of the Visitor Pass Application with the sponsorship section completed. He will also have forms available at club meetings.

If it's too inconvenient to return during the VCC's business hours to request a longer-term pass, DO NOT throw away the 96-hour pass, even though it's presumably expired. Some of our members kept their passes and presented them at the following-month's meeting. They say that significantly speeded the process: They were issued another 96-hour pass without having to complete another form. That said, it's unclear whether you could repeat this process each month, and continue to gain speedier access, without obtaining a longer-term pass. You should probably bring a new form with you each time you visit the base in case you need it.

Note that drivers won't necessarily be allowed to vouch for their passengers. Although a photo ID like a driver's license might sometimes be accepted, passengers without an AIE Pass or one of the other types of ID mentioned above might need to complete a Visitor Pass Application and pass the vetting process to enter the base.

To renew an expiring pass, return to the VCC with another sponsored form. As long as your existing pass hasn't expired yet, the renewal process should be pretty painless.

Directions to club meetings at Fort Myer.

Council Meeting - To Be Scheduled

No Council meetings are currently scheduled.
Club Logo Sticker

Helmet Stickers Available

The past several winters our trip leaders offered their skiers vinyl stickers for placing on your helmet, skis, or other items to help enhance club identification and recognition on the slopes. The stickers have a removable adhesive that, although quite tenacious, should allow you to easily remove the stickers, say on a trip to Europe if you're wary of attracting unwanted attention. You might even be able to reuse them if you store them on something plastic or metal—perhaps on a credit card or something else you might find in your wallet or purse. You can get them from Dave Olsen by email request or at a club meeting. Note: If you're putting a sticker on your helmet, make sure that it won't be covered up by your goggles strap.


Jill's Designs for PSC Logo Clothing

Turtle neck and pullover with PSC logo Jill's Designs is our supplier for clothing with the PSC logo. Jill specializes in custom designed embroidery for clothing, tote bags, turtlenecks, pullovers, tee shirts, hats, and other items. Visit Jill's Website Jill's Designs for products, colors, sizes, and ordering information. Note that in addition to selecting the color and type of clothing, you can specify the colors for the PSC logo.

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