Cost to Join

Single and family memberships are available for one, two and three years. A single membership entitles one member to participate in club activities. A family membership entitles an individual to bring one other individual as a guest on club activities, or to bring his or her entire immediate family (children must normally be under 21 years of age), without the guest or the family members having to join the club.

A member holding a multi-year single membership who wants to bring an immediate family member or guest on a trip can pay an appropriate fee to upgrade to a family membership for the remaining term of their enrollment.

Members are entitled to attend all meetings, functions and activities of the club, including Council meetings (except executive sessions of the Council). Each single and family membership is entitled to a single vote in the election of Council members and on other club business

Single:  $30
Family: $40

Single:  $55
Family: $75

Single:  $75
Family: $100

See How to Join for specific instructions for submitting your application. If you have any questions about membership, please contact our Membership Coordinator:

Steve Thompson

Or, if you have any other questions about the club, please see the Council and Committee page for additional contact information.

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