General Membership Meeting

Officers Club
Abrams & Chafee rooms, 2nd floor
214 Jackson Avenue
Fort Myer, VA 22211-1200
(703) 524-0200

There are two entrances into Fort Myer: The main (Hatfield) gate, which is open at all times, and the Iwo Jima (Wright) gate, which is only open from 5 am to 9 pm. If you do not have DoD ID, you will need a photo ID to present to the guard, and your car may be searched.

Note: Ft. Myer security and access has become quite onerous. See the item on our Announcements page about entry to the base.

From Downtown Washington, DC (directions to the Hatfield Main Gate)

  • Get onto I-395 South.
  • Proceed across the Potomac River.
  • Take the Washington Blvd/Ridge Road exit (8A).
  • Proceed toward the Carpool Staging Area/Pentagon South Parking.
  • Stay right, and then merge left onto Washington Blvd/VA Rte 27.
  • Go past the two right exits for Columbia Pike.
  • Take the 3rd right onto the exit ramp for Ft. Myer.
  • Proceed up the ramp to the Hatfield Gate.
  • The gate is open 24/7

If you do not have DoD ID —
You’ll be directed to turn right into the security screening area.

  • Once finished with the security screening, turn left onto Carpenter St., then immediately right onto Sheridan Ave.
  • Follow the directions immediately below.

If you have DoD ID —
You’ll be waived straight through the Hatfield Gate. You'll be on Carpenter Street.

  • Turn left, just past the gate, onto Sheridan Avenuecaution20mph speed limit until the first stop sign.
  • Proceed on Sheridan Ave. until it ends (~3/4 mile).
  • Turn right onto Jackson Ave.
  • The Officers Club is a half block ahead on the left.
  • Park in front of the club in the lot on your right, or just beyond the club in the lot on your left.

Departing the Officers Club—To return to the Hatfield Gate

  • Go back down Sheridan Avenue.
  • At the stop sign by the fire house (Pershing Dr.), continue straightcaution20mph speed limit.
  • Turn right at the stop sign onto Carpenter St. and proceed out the main gate.

From Maryland over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge on the Capital Beltway (I-495)

  • After crossing the bridge, continue west on I-495 ~7 miles to Exit 57B
  • Follow the directions immediately below
  • There are shorter routes to get from I-495 to I-395 through Alexandria if you know the area

From the South on I-95 or from the Capital Beltway (I-495) (directions to the Hatfield Main Gate)

From I-95 at the Beltway, continue north onto I-395 (Shirley Highway) towards Washington -or-
From the Beltway, take Exit 57B onto I-395 north towards Washington
  • Continue ~7-1/2 miles and exit right at Exit 8, then stay left for VA Rte 27/Washington Blvd North
  • Go past the two right exits for Columbia Pike and take the next right onto the exit ramp for Ft. Myer
  • Follow the directions above as you enter through the Hatfield Gate

From the North on the Capital Beltway (I-495) (directions to the Iwo Jima gate)

From the Outer Loop—immediately after crossing the American Legion Bridge from MD into VA -or-
From the Inner Loop—immediately before crossing the American Legion Bridge from VA into MD:
  • Exit right onto the George Washington Memorial Parkway, Exit 43B
  • Continue 8+ miles (~1/2 mile past Key Bridge) and exit right onto US Route 50 West
  • Stay in the right lane as you merge onto Rte. 50 and immediately exit right, up the ramp for Ft. Myer Drive/N. Meade Street
  • Turn left and proceed ~4/10 mile to the stop sign at Marshall Drive (you'll pass the Iwo Jima Memorial on your left)
  • Turn right to enter through the Iwo Jima gate
  • After passing through the security check follow the directions below to get to the Officers Club

From the West (directions to the Iwo Jima gate)

  • Heading East on I-66, take Exit 75 to Rte. 110 South towards the Pentagon/Alexandria
  • Get immediately in the right lane and take the first right exit onto Marshall Drive to the gate
  • After the security check continue about 1/2 mile to the Officers Club on your right
  • Park in the lot on your right just before the club, or in front of the club in the lot on your left
  • You can get to the Iwo Jima gate from the south but the left turn from 110 across oncoming traffic, onto Marshall Drive, can be a real bear in rush hour
  • You can exit through the Iwo Jima gate until it closes at 9pm.
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