How to Join

Joining the PSC is simple. Just download and print out a membership application form (see below), and send it to us with your check! Checks should be made payable to the Pentagon Ski Club. See Cost to Join for information on membership types and fees.

The membership form is available in two formats. Use a normal left mouse click to open the form in your browser, or click your right mouse button to download the form to your hard drive ("Save link as"):

Contact the Membership Coordinator
Click above to send a message to the Membership Coordinator, or simply mail your application form and check to:

Cheree Peirce
19701 Golden Valley Lane
Brookeville, MD 20833

Note that for e-mail addresses, we've replaced the normal '@' symbol with '[at]' in an attempt to reduce the amount of spam we get. Be sure to replace the '[at]' with '@' when sending e-mail to us.

The processing and approval of membership applications is pro forma. Once we get your application and check, we'll send you a membership card. We'll also put you on the list to start getting our club newsletter, The Liftline (unless you opt to get the newsletter from our website rather than having copies mailed to you).

If you're anxious to sign up for a particular trip, you needn't wait for your membership card to sign up. In fact it's better to send your membership application (and check) directly to the trip leader, together with your deposit check for the trip, instead of sending it to Cheree. That saves you an extra stamp and keeps the trip leader from having to keep checking with Cheree to see if your membership check has arrived. To help us keep things straight, we'd appreciate your sending separate checks for the trip deposit and the membership fee.


For issues or comments about the PSC Website, contact the webmaster@pentagonskiclub.