PSC Racers at Snowbird

Racing Information

The club had an organized recreational racing program for 20+ years, based on the NASTAR program. Unfortunately, we have decided that the program should end gracefully after a long, successful run. The decision was based in part from Vail Resorts having dropped out of NASTAR, as many of the races that our members ran were at VR properties. There has also been a declining interest in racing by our members.

2012-2013 Race Awards

Here, for posterity, is a link to the final set of PSC Race Awards that we presented at our April 16, 2013 club meeting.

BRSC Western Carnival Race

We still have a core of skiers who enjoy racing, and expect that they'll continue to do so, whether on club trips where NASTAR is available or on trips of their own. We anticipate a good level of participation in the annual multi-club race on the Blue Ridge Ski Council Western Carnival trips.

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