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Airline Passenger Rights

- (provided with permission by SnowTours)
When something goes wrong on a trip, the first question many flyers ask is, "What are my rights?" The short answer is fairly simple: The U.S. and the European Economic Community (EEC) have established some very specific rights for air travelers. In addition, contracts of carriage between passengers and carriers establish some promised rights, but those heavily one-sided contracts seldom call for any specific compensation or enforcement teeth in the event the carrier fails to meet its "promises." Either way, it's important for passengers to know their rights when faced with air-travel snafus, from delayed flights to overbooked planes.

Here's a primer on basic air-passenger rights in the U.S. and Europe.


- The links to local-area airports should be helpful for finding the details on parking.

Off-Airport Parking

- More affordable parking is often available using the Park and Fly programs at area hotels (typically $30-40 a week, including RT shuttle to the airport).


- The airlines' baggage policies for ski equipment continue to evolve. The links below should provide definitive guidance for the airlines we're using this winter. A quick read of the various policies seems to indicate that the airlines are getting more restrictive as to what they allow for ski equipment.

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