Becoming a PSC Trip Leader

The club's most important objective is to provide enjoyable trips for our members so that they keep coming back. We believe that the quality of our trip leaders distinguishes us from other ski clubs. We have a cadre of dedicated, experienced trip leaders to provide our skiers with well-run trips.

How Trip Leaders Are Chosen

Trip leaders are selected by the PSC Council each May/June for upcoming trips. The Council monitors the feedback from trip participants to assure that the trips we run and the associated trip leaders are meeting our members' expectations.

Responsibilities of a Trip Leader

Trip leaders are responsible for the complete organization and running of the trip, from start to finish. These responsibilities typically include:

Benefits of Being a Trip Leaders

The most important benefit of leading a ski trip is the satisfaction you get when the trip goes well and everyone has a great time. A significant amount of effort goes into running a trip, and trip leaders are reimbursed for the cost of the transportation, lodging and lift tickets on the trip they are running. However, when you consider the amount of effort required to plan and run a trip, the main reason most trip leaders lead trips is the enjoyment they get from providing a service to our members.

Trip Leaders Are Needed

We are always looking for people with leadership and people skills to run trips for the club. It's important that trip leaders like helping people to have fun, are well organized, and take satisfaction in a job well done. We have instituted a mentoring program for training prospective trip leaders.

Trainees work directly with an experienced trip leader on the running of a trip for one season. The trainees are expected to be hands-on in accomplishing all necessary activities assigned by the trip leader to support the trip. The trainees are also expected to attend Council meetings and membership meetings. Individuals with experience leading trips for other ski clubs may bypass the trainee process, with the approval of the Council.

Getting Started

Club members interested in being a trip leader trainee should attend a Council meeting (they're announced on the homepage and on News and Events) or contact Steve Thompson, the Trip Support Committee chairperson, or Dave Olsen, the club president. Either Steve or Dave can answer questions or explain the process in more detail:

Steve Thompson
Trip Support Committee
Dave Olsen
President, PSC

Trip Leader Support Tools

Several documents are available here to help support current and prospective trip leaders:

Trip Leader's Guide (2015 Edition) (406k - pdf) - Walks you step-by-step through running a trip.
Trip Critique Form (71k - .doc) - Ask your skiers to fill this out at the end of the trip.


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