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2018-2019 Trips

Listed below are all of the skiing and non-skiing trips which are on our calendar.  Click on the Show details links to see the particulars for each trip.

You must be logged-in with your PSC credentials (email address & password) in order to register (sign up) for a trip.  Before signing up, please take a moment to review your profile including your emergency contact information and (if you're thinking of a trip to Canada or Europe) your passport information.  Make sure your first and middle names exactly match your passport (or whatever ID you'll fly with) so your ticket gets issued correctly.  Then click on the trip's Register button if you're ready to sign up!  Your personal information will be pulled from your profile, and then you will need to select options specific to each trip, for example, what type of lodging you prefer (double occupancy or a single room at extra cost) and what type of lift ticket you want.

Effective 8/1/2018, registration for our 2018-2019 ski trips is opened up to members of other ski clubs that are members of the Blue Ridge Ski Council through the "sanctioning" process.  To register for a trip you must first "join" the PSC as a no-cost BRSC member and populate your membership profile. 

An invoice will be generated for each trip you've registered for.  Most trips include a payment table listing an initial deposit, one or more interim payments, and a final payment date.  You must pay the initial deposit, and any subsequent interim payments that have or are about to come due, to secure your place on the trip.  Your registration is not confirmed until we receive and acknowledge your deposit.  Payments can be made by mailing (or giving) a check to the trip leader.  We also accept credit card payments.

Click this link for information on Past Trips.

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