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Epic & Ikon Passes
for 2024

May 31, 2023

Most of our 2024 trips will be going to resorts that honor one of the multi-resort season passes.  You may purchase passes directly from the suppliers (click on the logos above), but several of our our tour operators have promotions (listed below) offering discounts or rebates in conjunction the trips you might take with the club.  You may wish to consider purchasing your passes through them.  The exceptions are Military Epic passes and military discounts on Ikon passes, which are only available from the suppliers. 

You should consider purchasing passes early-on as the costs typically increase before the Memorial Day holiday and periodically as winter gets closer.  Season pass sales are likely to end sometime in late fall.

Here's our current list of trips, indicating the pass products and tour operators for each:

Here are the several promotional offers from our tour operators:

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