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Welcome to the Pentagon Ski Club!

General Trip Information

The Pentagon Ski Club runs its trips by using qualified tour operators who specialize in ski trips.  Each spring we invite the tour operators to submit competitive proposals for the dates and destinations we've specified.  The proposals we accept are not based on price alone; we want the best value.  We usually run a dozen or so trips each winter to the western U.S., Canada, and Europe.  We also run non-skiing vacation trips in the spring through fall, and occasional ski trips to South America or New Zealand in the summertime (their winter).

Once we get our schedule and contracts in order, we assign trip leaders; some large trips will have assistant trip leaders as well.  These are club members with experience who are responsible for both selling the trip and leading the trip.  The PSC prides itself in having dedicated and experienced trip leaders; they will be your point of contact for any questions or details for the trip.

Our trips are complete packages

All transportation, transfers, and lodgings are included.  For trips in the U.S. and Canada, lift tickets are usually included, and sometimes breakfasts as well.  In Europe, lift tickets are usually not included because so many options are available, but meal plans are.  This is because we generally stay in smaller inns in Europe, which include great restaurants; it also saves money and allows for enjoyable dining.  The trip leader sometimes buys the lift ticket packages upon arrival, having been paid by the skiers right beforehand.  In the U.S., we can stay in either condos or hotels.  The advantage of the former is more space and kitchen facilities for cooking; the advantage of the latter is more getting together for group activities.  The choice generally involves a balance between location, amenities, and price.

One principle rules when we go skiing: no one gets left alone.  The PSC is a firm believer in both safety and companionship.  Generally, people ski together the first day to find others they can ski with at the same level. Trip leaders want to ensure that you will have both a safe and social holiday.

What sort of people ski with the PSC?

Just about anyone!  Most trips are about equally split between couples and singles.  Ages typically range from 20's to 70's with most participants in their 50's to 70's.  Men probably comprise 60% of participants on U.S. or Canadian trips; in Europe, women often outnumber the men—not everyone skis!  Some trips visit places that can be toured for a full week or more.  What sort of people will you be skiing with?  Even though we are called the Pentagon Ski Club, many of us were never in the military or even the government.  You'll meet professional people from all walks of life; they do have one thing in common, though—they like to travel and make great companions.  If you are single, we'll do our best to find you a roommate.

Your trip leaders will also often arrange for group activities at the resort, especially an early group dinner that will enable you to get to know your fellow skiers (in Europe, that would happen most every night).  We sometimes hold pre-trip parties that will allow you to meet your roommates and make arrangements to carpool to the airports.  Also, those meetings help answer last-minute questions such as ski rentals or airline luggage concerns.

Our trips require deposits and periodic payments.  The payment schedules are published in the trip descriptions on our Trips page.

Our main purpose is to give our customers a great vacation.  We constantly try to improve both our trips and the selection of resorts.  Come join us—let us know how we're doing!

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