Welcome to the Pentagon Ski Club!

How to Join 

To join the club or renew your membership go to our Join Us pageThe processing and approval of membership applications is pro forma once you submit your online application and payment.  If you're anxious to sign up for a particular trip, you can do so as soon as you've joined.
PSC Memberships
 One Year
 $30 $40
Two Years
 $55 $75
Three Years
 $75 $100

Current Members

Current members (as of October 2017) were sent an email with login credentials and a link to the Wild Apricot website.  We have imported the data elements from our legacy database into Wild Apricot, but you may need to make updates or corrections.

Members can self-manage their membership profile.  Each member's profile has data fields to store many of the elements used in trip sign-ups (registrations).  Members can use a credit card to pay for their memberships and renewals.

Before signing up for a trip you should verify that your name (First, Middle, and Last) are accurate and match your government-issued photo ID. You should also add your Emergency Contact information and frequent flyer & known traveler numbers (e.g., Global Entry). These data fields will be used whenever you sign up for a trip, so you should confirm that all your data is accurate. If you ever need to change the data when signing up for a trip, you can do that.  Either update your profile before you initiate a trip sign-up or make changes to the appropriate data as you are completing a sign-up.

Membership Coordinator

Contact our Membership Coordinator (and Wild Apricot manager) for help with any questions you may have or issues you may encounter:

Steve Thompson
1302 Shaker Woods Rd
Herndon, VA 20170

Note that for e-mail addresses, we've replaced the normal '@' symbol with '[at]' in an attempt to reduce the amount of spam we get. Be sure to replace the '[at]' with '@' when sending e-mail to us.

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