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2018-2019 General Membership Meetings

Monthly club meetings are held on Tuesdays at 7 PM in Fort Myer's Patton Hall (the building formerly known as the Officers Club). (Exception is the picnic which is at the Spates Community Club.)  Meetings are held from September through April, but we don't have a February meeting as the weather is a risk and many of us are off on ski trips anyway!  We have no summer meetings other than our annual picnic.  Most meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, but we've scheduled our October meeting on the 1st Tuesday, and our March and April meetings on the 3rd Tuesday, to work around some of our larger trips.  The dates are tentative until we've confirmed them with Patton Hall (except this summer's picnic which is all set for July 14):

▪    July 14, 2018 (Saturday) – Picnic - noon to 4pm at Ft. Myer's Spates Community Club

▪    September 11, 2018 Trip Signups

▪    October 2, 2018 Presentation on ski accessories (helmets, goggles, gloves, boot heaters, etc.)
       by Pro-Fit Ski and Mountain Sports of Leesburg, VA.
  Oktoberfest theme.

▪    November 13, 2018 Presentation  on Whitetail Resort's Edge-2-Edge Ski Instruction Program
       and a presentation on travel safety by Army vet Andy Rogers

▪    December 11, 2018 Bread for the City campaign

▪    January 8, 2019 Retro Photo Contest and Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation

▪    March 19, 2019 Disabled Sports USA campaign; St Patrick’s Irish Menu & Wearing of the Green

▪    April 16, 2019 Council election

Our meetings provide lots of complimentary hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar.  New members are always welcome.  Just let the welcome desk know you're new!  Most meetings have a fun theme and club business is discussed, as well as (of course) upcoming ski trips.  Door prizes are offered in a 50-50 raffle drawing, with the club's half of the proceeds going right back into buying more prizes for future meetings. Everyone can socialize, exchange photos from the latest trips, and share stories.  Trip leaders are present, so you can sign up for trips or discuss trip details.  Meeting themes have included a fashion show with the latest skiwear, ski safety, conditioning exercises, new ski equipment, costume contests, and ski trivia contests.

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