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Welcome to the Pentagon Ski Club!

Family Memberships

A family membership is called a Bundle.  Typically, a family would consist of one or two adults and minor children.  The person who is primarily responsible for maintaining the family's membership data is assigned the role of Bundle Administrator.  If you need to switch the administrator role, just contact the PSC Admin.

Setting Up a Family Membership

Here are the normal steps to follow to join the club with a family membership; you will be the Bundle Administrator:

  1. Go to the Join Us page and select a 1-, 2- or 3-year Family Membership.
  2. Fill in all the profile information and click Next.
  3. When you get to the Review and Confirm screen:
    • Click Pay Online to immediately pay your membership fee online; or
    • Click Invoice Me to generate an invoice.  You could then register (sign up) for a trip, and then pay both invoices in the same transaction, or you could mail us a check if you prefer.

The Bundle Administrator can set up other family members from the Profile page.  You get to the Profile page by selecting your name from the upper right corner of the website when you are logged into the system.  Once on the Profile page, just scroll down to find "Add a Member".  You can enter all the profile data for each family member.

When signing up for trips, each person needs to be logged into the website in order for the system to pull their profile data into the trip registration.  This can be cumbersome for families (or even couples) because each person would need a unique email address and password to log into the website.  As a workaround, you can contact your trip leader or the PSC Admin to have them register your family members for you.  Prior to doing this you should be sure that each family member's profile data is complete and accurate.

Membership Coordinator

The logistics of family memberships can be a bit tricky.  Contact our Membership Coordinator for help with any questions you may have or issues you may encounter:

Jim McDonough,  PSC Membership Coordinator
916 Dewolfe Drive
Alexandria, VA  22308

Note that for e-mail addresses, we've replaced the normal '@' symbol with '[at]' in an attempt to reduce the amount of spam we get. Be sure to replace the '[at]' with '@' when sending e-mail to us.

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