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Trip Signup/Registration Tips

Your Membership Profile

Your Profile is key to the process of signing up (registering) for trips.  It holds all the pertinent information that we need to confirm you on a trip:  Email address, street address, phone numbers, passport information (critical for trips outside the U.S.), frequent flier numbers, and emergency contact information. 

You Must Be Logged In When You Sign Up for a Trip!

You must login with your credentials (email and password) for the process to work.  When you're logged in and register (sign up) for a trip, all your information is pulled from your Profile into your Trip Registration, so it's available to your trip leader.  Your information is particularly critical when we develop lists for airline ticketing.
   • Although it's possible to sign up for a trip without being logged in, it defeats the purpose of having a Profile:  None of your information will be pulled from your Profile, and you'll need to hand-enter all of the information that's already in your Profile:  Name, address, phone numbers, passport information, emergency contact name and numbers, frequent flier numbers, etc.  And you'll need to repeat all those hand entries for every trip that you sign up for.
   • On the other hand, if you're logged in when you sign up, then it's a quick and simple process for every trip:  Simply click the Register  button and all your information gets pulled from your Profile.  Easy peasy!

Registering Someone Else?

If you are registering someone other than yourself, you must log out of your own account and then log in with their credentials.  If you skip this step and attempt to register them while signed into your own account, their profile information won't convey into their signup record.  This is necessary even with family (bundle) memberships where you are the bundle administrator.

Keep Your Profile Up-To-Date!

After logging in with your credentials, and before you sign up for a trip, take a quick look at your Profile and make sure everything is current.  One item you might pay particular attention to, if you're considering a trip outside the U.S., is your passport:
   • Have a new passport?  Enter the new number and expiration date.
   • Will your passport expire soon?  Many of our winter destinations are to "Schengen Area" states which require that passports be valid at least three months beyond your anticipated return to the U.S.  If your passport doesn't meet that requirement, you  risk being denied boarding on your outbound flight.  It has happened at least once to a ski club member who, as a result, missed the departure of a cruise and had to jump through hoops to immediately get a new passport, book (and pay for) new air to Europe, and then catch up with our ship.

Already Signed Up for a Trip?

You can update your Profile yourself at any time, but you cannot edit or update a Trip Registration that you have already submitted.  The "pull" of your information from your Profile into a Trip Registration is a one-time event that occurs when you register for a trip.  The two documents then reside separately and are not connected:
   • A subsequent change to the information in your Profile doesn't "push" into your Trip Registration; and
   • A subsequent change to anything in your Trip Registration (which can only be edited by your Trip Leader; not by you) doesn't push back into your Profile.

Let your Trip Leader know if any of the information in your Trip Registration (or your Profile) needs to be changed, such as a new passport or a change in your emergency contact information.

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