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Welcome to the Pentagon Ski Club!

Trip Signup Policies

When signing up (registering) for a PSC trip, the participants must attest that they acknowledge and agree to comply with the policies stated below.

Covid-19 Policy

Given the current environment (2024), the Council has decided to no longer require members to be vaccinated to attend club meetings or go on club trips.

Trip Prices Subject to Change

Trip prices are subject to change prior to trip departure.  While the PSC will make every effort to keep prices stable, late-breaking increases are possible.  New or increased airport security fees, departure taxes, fuel surcharges, or changes in currency exchange rates may require changes in trip prices.

Prices Based on Double Occupancy

The prices listed for our trips are based on double occupancy in hotel/lodge/motel rooms or condo rooms.  When a single participant requests double-occupancy lodging, trip leaders will do their best to identify an appropriate roommate, although the responsibility of getting a roommate technically belongs to the participant.  If a roommate can't be found, the participant may have the option to pay an additional single supplement fee (to have a room to themselves) or drop off the trip (penalties may be incurred depending on the timing).  However, single rooms may not be available on every trip.  In condo lodging, paying the single supplement only guarantees your own bedroom; you'll still share the condo unit with other skiers.  Special arrangements such as triple, quad, six in a 2-bedroom condo, etc., must be requested by a complete group; the trip leader will not provide fillers.  Reduced lodging rates are sometimes available for children staying with their parents.

Special Note on Single Supplement Cancellations

A single-supplement participant cancelling from a trip may be responsible for substantial unrecoverable expenses, in addition to the regular cancellation fee, due to the following situations:
   • No replacement can be found for a single supplement package; or

   • The original airline reservation that would have been used for an additional participant sharing the participant's lodging accommodations has been released and cannot be reclaimed for use by another participant, or cannot be reclaimed at the original group rate.

Ground Packages

Although we sell our trips as complete packages including the group air transportation to get you to and from the destination airport, we do our best to accommodate participants that are unable to fly with the group.  Some people may live outside the greater Washington, DC area and need to originate from a different airport.  Our tour operators are often able to arrange flight deviations in these instances, in which case your trip cost would be adjusted accordingly.  Others may wish to obtain their own tickets, perhaps using frequent flier miles.  If you obtain your own tickets we will reduce your trip price accordingly.

In order to ride with the club from the destination airport to and from the resort, using our ground transportation, you need to arrange your flights to arrive at or before the group's arrival and depart at or after the group's departure.  Even so, there is an element of risk. Flight schedules—either yours or the group's—might change over the intervening months before the trip.  Weather or other flight delays might prevent your timely arrival.  The trip leader cannot hold up the rest of the group at the airport waiting for your arrival for more than a few minutes.  If you are unable to connect with our bus, you will be responsible for your own ground transportation to the resort.  Your trip price cannot be reduced for unused ground transportation, as that is not a separable component of our trip packages.

There is a small risk even if you obtain tickets on the same flights as the group.  We sometimes change flights, airlines, or even airports in order to obtain better pricing, better schedules, or better connections.  In a few cases we have even changed the dates of a trip—perhaps departing on a Sunday instead of a Saturday, or vice-versa.  Date changes are more of a risk in the summer and early fall as we are finalizing the terms of the contracts with our tour operators.  If you have already obtained tickets and the trip dates are changed, you will be responsible for changing your tickets as needed.  If a date change prevents you from participating on a trip, the club will refund your deposits without penalty.

Special Note on Ground Package Cancellations

A ground-only participant cancelling from a trip may be responsible for substantial unrecoverable expenses, in addition to the regular cancellation fee, due to the following situations:
   • No replacement for a ground-only package can be found; or
   • The original air portion of the package has been released and cannot be reclaimed for use by a full package participant, or cannot be reclaimed at the original group rate.

Trips are for PSC Members

Trips are open to Pentagon Ski Club members.  Membership must be current when signing up for a trip and throughout the duration of a trip.  For membership information, see our Join Us page.  A single membership entitles that member to participate on a trip.  With a family membership, your spouse (or significant other) and minor children may also participate.  Most trips are also open to members of ski clubs that belong to the Blue Ridge Ski Council through the trip sanctioning process.

Wait-Listed Trips

Trips with the annotation "Wait Listed" mean that the trips have been filled.  You may still apply for the trip, but you will be put on a waiting list.  Getting on a waiting list early, often guarantees getting on a trip, as others sometimes drop out.  Contact the trip leader for details concerning trips that are wait-listed.

Passport Information

A passport is required for travel outside the US.  Your Member Profile includes space to enter information about your passport.  This information is then conveyed to the trip leader when you sign up (register) for a trip requiring a passport. 

Passport Expiration Dates - The Six-Month Rule

Click to read an informative article on Passport Expiration Date Requirements.  Many countries, including all of the European countries where we ski, require that your passport be valid at least 6 months beyond your planned exit.  Even if your passport is valid and will still be valid by the end of your planned stay, you might not be issued a boarding pass at the airport.  Worse yet, you could arrive overseas and be refused entry to a country.  If you're signing up for an out-of-the-U.S. trip, be sure to check your passport and plan to get it renewed if you'll bump into the 6-month requirement.

Insurance Information

Please review our guidance on Trip Insurance before you sign up for a trip.

Payment Policies

To secure your reservation, you need to give or send the trip leader your deposit check (payable to the Pentagon Ski Club) or pay your deposit with a credit card, either online or in person at a club meeting.  The payment schedule is published in the description of each trip.  Most trips require an initial deposit of $700 per person, but a larger deposit may be required on some trips.  Include any additional interim payment, or the final payment, if they are already due or will be due soon.  Reservations are not firm until your deposit is received.  The total amount due must normally be paid at least 45 days before departure, but in some cases it may be required earlier.  When you sign up after the final payment date you must pay the total cost immediately to be confirmed on the trip. 

Cancellations & Refunds

A $10 per-person fee may be assessed for withdrawal from a trip or transfer from one trip to another.  Deposits paid to secure reservations and any subsequent payments are refundable, less withdrawal/transfer fees, only insofar as the monies are recovered by the PSC in accordance with the terms of our contracts with our agents.

Disclaimer of Liability

The Pentagon Ski Club (PSC) is a non-profit organization whose members join together to enjoy various athletic and social activities. The trip applicant and his/her family acknowledge that sports such as skiing present a certain level of danger and that personal injuries can and do occur.  The applicant and his/her family agree that the PSC, its officers, trip leaders, members, and agents shall not be liable nor responsible for, and applicant shall save and hold them harmless from and against, any and all claims and damages of every kind for injury, illness, or death of any person or persons and for damage to or loss of property, whether or not caused by the negligence of the PSC, arising out of, or attributing directly or indirectly to, the operations, event, or events conducted by the PSC of which the primary participant or his/her family members are participants.

In the event of inclement weather, injury, or other causes of events beyond the control of the PSC which cause delay or necessitate medical care, special transportation other than that specifically contracted in a PSC trip, or other expenses, it shall not be the responsibility of the PSC to pay for resulting costs and expenses, including, but not limited to, additional lodging expenses, additional meal expenses, medical expenses, special transportation other than that specifically contracted in a PSC trip, or other similar expenses.  As a condition of participation, the primary participant and his/her family members agree to abide by the rules and bylaws of the PSC, and while participating in the activities of the PSC to obey activity or trip rules and orders of the person(s) in charge of such activities.  The primary participant shall ensure that all family members also comply with all applicable rules and orders of the PSC and the person(s) in charge of such activities.

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