Welcome to the Pentagon Ski Club!

Entry to Ft. Myer

When coming to Ft. Myer for club meetings, base security and access has become a bit onerous for many of our members.   If you have an active duty or retired military ID, or a DoD-issued Common Access Card (CAC) (and possibly several other types of government-issued ID), you should be able to enter the base without screening

One-Day Pass

We understand that you can apply online for a one-day pass online at this website (click on the link).  Presumably, you can then show the pass on your phone to gain entry.  However, application must apparently be submitted at least four days in advance of your visit.

Long-Term Pass

If you don't have suitable ID (as described above) and haven't obtained the one-day pass, you will likely need to complete an access application and be vetted through their security system before gaining entry.  This can take some time, so we suggest that you arrive at the base a bit early.  Fewer people are likely to be ahead of you, and you'll have a better chance of getting through the process and arriving at the meeting when it begins.

To help speed the process, we suggest that you complete the Fort Myer Installation Access Request Form and bring it with you.  As you come through the main (Hatfield) gate, show them your form and they'll direct you to the Visitor Control Center (VCC), located just inside the gate.

The VCC is open 6am-5pm Mon-Fri and 10am-3pm Saturdays (new hours eff Sept 2019).  You should be able to obtain a long-term Automated Installation Entry (AIE) Pass right on the spot.  Unfortunately, these new hours are far less convenient than before; they used to be open until 7pm, allowing us to obtain a pass on the way to a club meeting.

   - Without sponsorship (Section D of the form), you will
bably be able to get an AIE Pass good for 60 days. 
   - With sponsorship by the PSC, you may be able to get an AIE Pass good for as long as a year.
rent club members may send an email to club president Dave Olsen
     (pscracer@yahoo.com) to request sponsorship.  After confirming that your
hip is current, Dave will email or fax you a copy of the Visitor Pass Application
     with the sponsorship section completed.   He will also have forms available at club meetings.

Note that drivers won't necessarily be allowed to vouch for their passengers.  Although a photo ID like a driver's license might sometimes be accepted, passengers without an AIE Pass or one of the other types of ID mentioned above might need to complete a Visitor Pass Application and pass the vetting process to enter the base.

To renew an expiring pass, return to the VCC with another sponsored form.  As long as your existing pass hasn't expired yet, the renewal process should be pretty painless.
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