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Entry to Ft. Myer

(updated 7/23/2023)

When coming to Ft. Myer for club meetings, base security and access is a bit onerous for some of our members.
There are several ways you'll be allowed to enter:


Firstly, be aware that drivers won't necessarily be allowed to vouch for their passengers.  Although a photo ID like a driver's license might sometimes be accepted, passengers without an Automated Installation Entry (AIE) Pass (see below) or one of the other types of ID mentioned below might need to complete a Installation Access Request Form and pass the vetting process to enter the base.

With Suitable ID

If you have an active duty or retired military ID, or a DoD-issued Common Access Card (CAC) (and possibly several other types of government-issued ID), you should be able to enter the base without screening.

Without a Pass

If you arrive for a club meeting outside of Visitor Control Center (VCC) hours (see below) and without suitable ID (as described above), your vehicle will likely be searched and you'll need to be vetted through their security system before being allowed entry.  This may take some time, so we suggest that you arrive at the base a bit early.

One-Day Pass

You can apply for a temporary/one-day pass online at this website (click on the link).  You can then show the pass on your phone to gain entry.  However, your application must be submitted at least four days in advance of your visit.  The process time may depend on your footprint in various online systems, and you may need to go to the VCC to have your photo taken.  That said, your application might be approved almost instantaneously if you've previously been approved for an AIE Pass.

60-Day Pass

You may apply for a 60-day pass at the Visitor Control Center, located just inside the gate.  The VCC is open 6am-5pm Mon-Fri and 10am-3pm Saturdays.  You should be able to obtain a 60-day AIE Pass right on the spot.  You will need to complete an access application and be vetted through their security system.  To help speed the process, we suggest that you complete the Fort Myer Installation Access Request Form ahead of your visit and bring it with you.

Long-Term/Annual Pass
With sponsorship by Patton Hall, you may be able to get an AIE Pass good for as long as a year.  We anticipate offering opportunities for sponsorship on a quarterly basis, in conjunction with our October 2023, January 2024, and April 2024 club meetings, and our July 2024 picnic. 
If you need a pass but can't come to that meeting, there's an option for that when you register for the meeting.

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