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Welcome to the Pentagon Ski Club!

April 2023 Club Meeting

  • Tue, April 11, 2023
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Fort Myer Patton Hall


  • Please register if you plan to attend the club's meeting on April 11th at 7 pm.



            Club Meeting

Tuesday, April 11th

7:00 pm

Register To Attend

by Monday, Apr 3rd, if you want a long-term pass (see below)

Our April meeting will be on Tuesday, April 11th, 7:00 pm at Ft. Myer's Patton Hall (same location as always).  The evening will feature our annual Council election (more below) and a review of the multi-area passes that have been shaking up the ski industry:

  • Epic Pass (by Jim McDonough)
  • Ikon Pass (by Tom Gallagher)
  • Mountain Collective - (by Brian Sundin)

Our complimentary menu will include ... (to be confirmed).  A cash bar will be available for the drinks of your choice.

Council Election!

Our annual election of members to the club's leadership Council will take place at the meeting.  The Council recently decided to increase its size from nine to ten.  The slate of candidates, announced at our January club meeting, is comprised of the three incumbent members with expiring termsDave Olsen, Steve Peirce and Steve Thompsonplus Dina Zeese.  We will ask for a vote of acclimation to confirm these four members to serve three-year terms.

Vax Required

We're continuing to require Covid-19 vaccinations for club meetings, as well as for club trips.  This is for everyone's safety and comfort level.  We will not be asking for proof of vaccination, but please do not register for or attend the meeting (or sign up for a trip) unless you are fully vaccinated.  Booster shots are of course also recommended and encouraged.

Registration Required

We're asking everyone to register to attend.  This will allow us to adjust the catering, and to offer another opportunity for you to apply for a long-term (1-year) Ft. Myer Visitor Pass (see below). You must register by Monday, April 3rd, to be sponsored for a long-term pass.

Bringing a Guest?

If you plan to come to the meeting with someone else, there are two ways to let us know:

  • If your companion is a club member in their own right, they can log in with their credentials and register for the meeting much as they would do if signing up for a trip.
  • Whether your companion is a club member or not, you can simply include them in your own meeting registration by clicking on the Add guest button before submitting your registration.

If Your Plans Change

If your plans change and you can no longer attend, please let us know (ideally by Monday, January 2nd) so we can adjust our catering order.  You may do this by:

  • Calling (301-579-2749) or emailing Dave Olsen
  • Cancelling your registration yourself:
    • log into your account
    • click on your name at the top
    • click on My Event Registrations
    • click on your meeting registration
    • click on the Already registered link
    • click on the Cancel registration button
Ft. Myer Entry Passes

You may recall that we offered an opportunity, when signing up for our picnic (and for several previous monthly meetings), to be sponsored for obtaining a long-term (1-year) Ft. Myer visitor pass.  We're able to offer that opportunity on a quarterly basis, so here's another chance!   Register for the meeting by Monday, April 3rd, indicate your desire for a pass, and we'll include you on the list that we'll send to Ft. Myer to request their sponsorship.  Read below for the details on how the process will work.

We anticipate the next opportunity for long-term pass sponsorship to be in conjunction with our July 15th picnic.  If you have a pass that hasn't yet expired but will expire before the picnic, go ahead and request sponsorship now, then go to the VCC once your pass has or is about to expire and they should have your name from the April meeting list.

Entry to Ft. Myer

Please take a moment to review our Entry to Ft. Myer page.  There are several ways you'll be allowed to enter:

  • Passengers:  Firstly, be aware that drivers won't necessarily be allowed to vouch for their passengers.  Although a photo ID like a driver's license might sometimes be accepted, passengers without an Automated Installation Entry (AIE) Pass (see below) or one of the other types of ID mentioned below might need to complete a Installation Access Request Form and pass the vetting process to enter the base.
  • With Suitable ID:  If you have an active duty or retired military ID, or a DoD-issued Common Access Card (CAC) (and possibly several other types of government-issued ID), you should be able to enter the base without screening. 
  • Without a Pass:  If you arrive for a club meeting outside of Visitor Control Center (VCC) hours (see below) and without suitable ID, your vehicle will be searched and you'll need to be vetted through their security system before being allowed entry.  This may take some time, so we suggest that you arrive at the base early.
  • One-Day Pass:  You can apply for a one-day pass online at this website (click on the link).  You can then show the pass on your phone to gain entry.  However, application must be submitted at least four days in advance of your visit.  The process time may depend on your footprint in various online systems, and you may need to go to the VCC to have your photo taken. That said, your application might be approved almost instantaneously if you've previously been approved for an AIE Pass.
  • 60-Day Pass:  You may apply for a 60-day pass at the Visitor Control Center, located just inside the main gate.  The VCC is open 6am-5pm Mon-Fri and 10am-3pm Saturdays.  You should be able to obtain a 60-day Automated Installation Entry (AIE) Pass right on the spot.
    You will need to complete an access application and be vetted through their security system.  To help speed the process, we suggest that you complete the Fort Myer Installation Access Request Form ahead of your visit and bring it with you.
  • Long-Term/Annual Pass:  With sponsorship by Patton Hall, you may be able to get an AIE Pass good for as long as a year.  Here's how it should work:
    • Register for the meeting by Monday, April 3rd, and indicate your desire to obtain a long-term pass.
    • We'll then ask our contact at Patton Hall to sponsor you for a pass.
    • We'll send you an email (on April 4th or soon after) confirming that your name has been forwarded, and that you can go to the VCC to apply for your pass.
    • Go to Ft. Myer during normal VCC hours (6am-5pm Mon-Fri and 10am-3pm Saturdays) sometime before the meeting. 
    • We suggest you go to the VCC well before the meeting to avoid slamming them that afternoon.
    • When you arrive at the VCC, tell them that you're part of the Pentagon Ski Club group that is being sponsored by Ms. Hollo at Patton Hall.  They'll have pre-printed Installation Access Request Forms with Ms. Hollo's sponsorship.  All you'll need to do is present your driver's license and complete the form with your DOB and SSN.
    • If the process works as before, and assuming you pass their vetting process, you should be able to get a year-long pass during your visit to the VCC.


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